Episode 26

Modern Highlights: Infect


December 31st, 2020

36 mins 41 secs

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About this Episode

Scott & Emma get down with the sickness this week, as they do a deep-dive into one of the fastest decks in the format - Infect!
They dive into the cards that make the deck tick, how to pilot it, and why you'll really start to love Bogles...

Emma's Modern Infect Article: https://infinite.tcgplayer.com/article/Modern-Infect-on-a-Budget/95216edf-7e45-45c7-8ea9-fc1fe7765763

Serum Visions Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/1mL6H7Xk7j0Nk6AO1lJRDY?si=L0da39HJS7WwsoVSHCV8AQ

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